Chart of Accounts

Chart of Accounts

Once you've created the proper Periods records, you're ready to setup the Chart of Accounts. The chart can be entered by either entering the account numbers and descriptions manually, or by importing the chart from some other source, such as an Excel spreadsheet.

To Enter the Chart of Accounts manually, select Edit > Chart of Accounts from the main application screen. This will open a grid where account numbers and descriptions can be typed in.

When you have finished entering the chart of accounts, click the Save icon on the mini toolbar above the chart of accounts grid.

To import a chart of accounts, you'll need to place the account numbers and descriptions in a two column format on the Windows clipboard. The clipboard data can be created with any spreadsheet program, or even with the built-in Windows Notepad. Each line should contain the account number in one column, and the description in the second column. For example, here is what some rows would look like in Excel.

Here is the same data, and how it would look in Windows Notepad

It will not matter what you use to place the data onto the Windows clipboard. The important point is that the data must be separated into 2 columns. If the data is in Windows Notepad, the columns must be separated by a Tab character. If the data is in Excel, Excel automatically adds the Tab character between the data for each column.

Place the data onto the windows clipboard by using the program's built in copy command. If you are using Excel, this is done by highlighting the rows and columns of data, then selecting the Copy function from the ribbon, or by selecting Ctrl-C from the keyboard. If you are using Windows Notepad, you will highlight all the data by selecting Ctrl-A, then select Edit > Copy or Ctrl-C to copy the data to the windows clipboard.

Once the required data is on the windows clipboard, return to the TBTools Trial Balance Chart of Accounts grid and select the import button as shown below.

When you click the import button, the clipboard data will be used to populate new rows in the chart of accounts grid

Click "Yes" to complete the import process.

After the data is imported, click OK on the message box that confirms that the account data was imported. Next, click on the Save icon on the toolbar to save the imported data, and close the Chart of Accounts window.