Opening Account Balances

Within TBTools Trial Balance, all account balances and adjustments are entered as journal entries. This may seem a bit odd at first, but once you see how consistent and easy it is, this methodology will quickly become second nature.

To enter opening account balances, select Edit > Journal Entry from the main application window. The journal entry window will open. Select the "new" button on the toolbar to open a new journal entry. This window gives you a number of selections, but for purposes of entering opening account balances, you should use journal entry number "0" (although this is not a hard requirement). Then select the journal entry type a "BJE", and confirm that the Journal Link dropdown is selected on "chart of Accounts". Enter a description of your choice, then move into the grid area to enter the beginning account numbers and the unadjusted balances for each account.

Note that when the amounts are entered, you should us positive (+) amounts for debit balances, and negative (-) amounts for credit balances. You will only be able to save the screen when the debits/credit total balance is $0.00

Similar to the method used above for importing the initial chart of accounts, you can also use the Windows clipboard to import the lines for any journal entry. Once you have created the journal entry as shown above, you can prepare data for clipboard import. The clipboard import for a journal entry must consist of 3 columns: Account number, description, and amount. Amounts must be entered as positive amounts for debits, and negative amounts for credits. Here is an example of some data ready to be imported from Excel.

Use the Import button on the journal entry screen to import rows from the clipboard into the journal entry.

After clicking the Save button, you have successfully entered your beginning balances!